Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Two New Favorite Pieces

I wanted to show-off a couple of my favorite pieces I've done for my show so far.
I titled this one "Pretty Pink Lily Pad".
I really love how this one turned out! The textured, clear glass reminds me of rain which is perfect for this piece. I found using slightly tinted glass for the outside really brings out the characteristics of the green glass. It shows the "imperfections" that a true lily pad would have. I can just envision these leaves floating in a pond supporting the beauty of a flower during a storm.
This one is called "Put A Bird On It".
This is a simple design I found of a blue bird. I decided to keep the colors as natural as possible but decided to use a pop of yellow to stand out giving it statement. I wonder what my feathered-friend would say about this.

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