Saturday, October 3, 2015

Christmas Crosses

As you know, I've been busy everyday preparing for the upcoming craft show. I've decided to focus on producing three different types of items: 9 Inch Square Panels, Christmas Tree Ornaments and Crosses. The crosses are fun for me to make. I'm finding myself using ornate glass I otherwise wouldn't use and being creative with my choice of color combinations. They are relatively easy to make, don't take up much time and use a limited amount of my supplies.

Soft and serene blues.

Bright and bold naturals.

All the crosses are unique. But they are also uniform in the way I'm using colored transparent glass for the base and embellished opaque glass for the decoration. I wanted them to have a feeling of sophistication and style without being too busy.

Contrasting colors with blues.

Pretty purples and pinks.

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