Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holiday Marketplace Success

When I found out I was invited to show my work at the Holiday Marketplace I felt many things. I had never sold at a craft fair before and had a lot to learn. I decided the best way to start things off was to get organized so I came up with a mission statement.

 Mission Statement....

"My mission is to create unique, high quality glass pieces for art lovers that are rich with color accompanying a modern twist. I will share my designs with enthusiasm and will enjoy the feeling of pride with every finished piece. To me, My Craft Kicks Glass means fun first and profit second."

Seasonal Designs
Unique Window Art

I kept this affirmation in mind everyday while creating pieces, advertising my business and preparing my table display. I had been thinking what a successful show would look like. Success means different things to different people. To me, having a successful first craft fair would mean selling first-class handmade products, hearing compliments from customers, receiving custom orders, gaining new blog followers, learning from other artisans, making my friends and family proud, and sharing my talent with others.

I am happy to announce that all of these came true.

A Craft Fair Selfie
My Favorite Black and White Tree Decoration

I achieved my goals and honored my values. It feels good to do a job well done. I've proved to myself that I do have a true talent and that others appreciate it. I'm just excited to see where all this will lead.
Only creativity will tell!


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  1. You did so well, watching customers compliment you on the beauty of your work, it made me so proud 😍